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I have a feeling this is a dumb questions, but want to confer with someone! My client has requested the ability to print something in the Memo field on their pre-printed checks. I reviewed 1401 and don’t see anything (code, fields, variables) in reference to this. So my thinking is that I will need to do a customization via adding another field to the Gen. Journal Line table and then placing that field in the check memo area. Am I missing something? Thanks for any feedback! Alyssa

Before adding new fields ask the customer what’s exactly what he’s wanting to print… maybe you’re already having that information in the gen. journal line or, if it’s always the same text… you can use a fixed caption instead or having somewhere on the setup for allowing the user to set the text to print. (yes… any change to the standard check will mean customizating the report… ) Regards,

Unfortunately, it isn’t static, they want to be able to print various memo information, similar to notes. I wish it was that easy… Thank you for the information, I now know that it will require a mod and that I wasn’t missing some already built in functionality. Alyssa

I added a memo field to some modified check reports I did back when I worked for a small NSC in NH, USA. Adding the field is easy: the tricky part is populating it, since you don’t always print one check at a time.

Yes, that caught my attention as well. My thinking was that the customer would do a Suggest Vendor payments, and from there they could choose to create one line item per vendor as an option. Therefore there would now be one line per vendor in the Payment Journal and the user could enter a memo for that line only. As I don’t believe (I’m checking as we speak) they are going to want a history of the memo’s on checks, I only added a Memo field to the Gen. Journal Line table, then inserted it on the form and on the check report. Do you see any potential problems with this? Thanks! Alyssa

The only problem is the history… as when you post the journal line the memo is gone too… you’ll need to keep it when posting… the best choice will be the g/l entry table… modify post general journal line codeunit and the g/l entry table and it’s done :)… (cod 12). Regards,

I actually just conferred with the client yesterday and they have no interest in tracking the memo history (as of now - we’ll see when they actually start using it!) So I think I’m good for now with just adding it the the Gen. Journal Line… until of course they change their minds… its never ending!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the information though! Thanks!

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I’d like to ask can i report field history also view access reports,

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Ahmed Shokr

We added the Vendor Ledger Entry Description to our checks.

Many vendors call us and ask - what’s this deduction & what’s that for. We have that in our entry description.

Under the Variables you’ll see DocType & DocNo. I added DocDescription - (text - 50)

View the code and search for DocDate - It’s in two places - Right Underneath add the codes:
DocDescription := VendLedgEntry2.Description;
DocDescription := CustLedgEntry2.Description;
you’ll see where.

Then add a textbox with docdescription as the sourceexp. It will then give more detail & info of each entry being used on the check.
Now if they want to add some specific check text then that’s different.