need help in Check Printing

Hi, I am trying to print Check directly from a codeunit using Check Report #1401 but i am not able to do that,i have created a Gen.Journal Line in the codeunit and i am trying to print the check for that line,but i am not… I want to print the Check with the Document no. of Gen Journal Line as Check No.,but i am not able to pass Gen. Journal Line Record to Report and i am not able to assign this Document no. to Check No. … After Creating the Gen. Journal Line in Codeunit i am trying to send the Gen.Journal LIne like this : Report.RUNMODAL(1401,TRUE,FALSE,GenJournalLIne) but i am not able to catch this record in the check. Please help me out… please tell me how to catch this Record in Check Report… Thanks Mohan Babu

hi mohan, can u send me the code(fob) so that i can try for the solution on it. Taj

Just a guess : - Maybe your record has not being commited to the database at the time you’re passing it to Report 1401 Add a COMIT before running your report : COMMIT; Report.RUNMODAL(1401,TRUE,FALSE,GenJournalLIne);

Hi Tarek, thanks for your reply.i used commit and i tried to send the record but still , i am not able to catch the record in Check Report.What i really want is i want to assign the Documen No. of the Passing Reocrd Genjnlline to Check that Report. Once again Thanks Mohan Babu

Another guess … I looked at the Check report and the Gen. Journal Line has been defined twice in the report at the same level. This might be the reason why you cant get the record in the report. I tried a report using Sales Header twice as a data item and I had the same problem. Why dont you pass your record thru a global function and then access this record in the report to do check printing. Rubina