1401 Check Report WEAK

Does anyone know of an addon to the US 3.7 1401 Check report which enables the system to, (i) print various invoice details (po no., amounts, vendor inv no., et al) (ii) handles print layout such that if the invoice details exceed the printed space available on the prepreinted check, they carry over to the following printed check (which the system then automatically voids) We often will associate several dozen invoices to a single check and we need to include the check detail with the check … we’ve solved this with a separate custom check detail report, but we’re interested in integrating it to 1401 so we can handle it all with a single payment journal operation … this type of functionality is pretty common in some smaller packages, but is definitely lacking in Navision … Thanks, M.

Uhmm… I think what you described on point 2 is the standard feature in Navision checks (1401). To layouts in 1401 can easily be changed to add whatever you want on it.

Sure, adding fields is no problem, that’s what we’ve done in the custom report I mentioned … but combining that with the 1401 check report introduces printing/page layout issues that are a real headache (too much of a dev effort for us at this point) … just wondering if there’s a more robust check report out there …

we have a separate report printed on the default printer (if requested) check stub just says “document XYZ is attached”