Changing Tracking dimension group


What are the impacts to change Item tracking dimension from items that are heavily used ( sales, Production, Purchase) ?

Originally the setup was done on PRODUCTS with Tracking dimension setup as serialOne and now we want to go with RELEASED PRODUCT and set up a new tracking dimension with ont to many as relationships into serial numbers. It works well but before implementing this, i would like to know if there is no more conséquences.Espeacially they are some open orders where we can change the tracking dimension. But what about the past? Thanks

Serial One and Released Products are not settings, they are your codes. However if you have transactions you cannot alter the tracking dimension on the product from serial to non-serial and vice a versa, you need to close down the old released product and create a new one.

Thanks Adam. It works for me as I created new product

Hi Adam,

Would you know the implications of updating the tracking dimension group of an item using the Ecorestrackingdimensiongroupitem table? I have tested this and it worked fine. Just not sure of what effects if any and how big the impact is…pls advise…


You mean going through the back door or front UI? What change are you making?