How to change Tracking Dimension Group?

Hi everybody,

By mistake, Financial inventory tracking parameter was selected for batch and serial number dimensions, for an inventory tracking dimension group. Now we are trying to change it so no financial tracking is done for those dimensions. Inventory already was adjusted to zero, and inventory close done (as suggested for storage dimensions change) but the following message shows and cannot make the change:

The new dimension group cannot be assigned.\nOther financial dimensions apply, while ‘Activate closing of non-financial transfers’ is set to Yes, and inventory transactions exist.

The Activate closing of non-financial transfer parameter is not present as it is AX2012 R3 CU11, Inventory transactions exist.

Any suggestions before creating new items?

Many thanks

Looking at the code, it is checking if there is any inventory transaction for that item(irrespective of whether the transaction is open or not) while changing the financial inventory dimensions (considering the item is not using standard cost method). Probably the error is misleading.

The item is not using standard cost, it is already using weighted average to date, but having batch and serial financial check it is not calculating the appropiate cost for the item as it is only necessary at the warehouse level… so thanks Kranthi, it seems that I’ll need to create new items

If you have any transaction that cannot be deleted, then YES.