Possible to change Tracking Dimension Group?

Is it possible to change the Tracking Dimension group of an item after it has been created and transactions posted against it? We are slated to change over from our current system to AX later this year, and are also currently in the process of turning on lot tracking for some of our items. In our current system, as long as there are 0 on hand, you can change the tracking dimensions regardless of past transactions, is this possible in AX or do we have to have all of them converted by golive?

The official answer is no. Not sure about 2012 but it is literally the one field you cannot alter. In 2009 this was within the dimension group and you could actually change it to a more complex group when there was no stock. However the official response would be if you need to change the fundamental element of the item like this you need to create a new record. I would guess that 2012 is the same.

it’s really confusing that it’s not allowed to do any entry mistake with it!

i have created an item then after 1 min I remember I chose the wrong dimension I go back to the item option click on edit then from setup group I choose dimension group but am not able to change it although there is no transaction related with this item number !!

any help to advice would be highly appreciated

I find the solution i discover something if you are creating the product directly from released product

FRPT/Product information management/Common/Released products

you will not be able to change the storage dimension unless you do the following

go to

FRPT/Product information management/Common/products

then search on your product and go to dimesions group from there delete all the details from there then go back to released product/dimesions group you will find inactive fields before become active and the drop-down list is available to select the correct dimension you want