Change Storage Dimensions


When using AX 2012 R2, I am finding it is impossible to change the storage and tracking dimension of an item that has had transactions against it.

I would like to be able to change and item from non-batch to batch tracing and also from non-palletized to palletized or palletized to non-palletized.

Is it truly impossible to change the storage and tracking dimensions once the item has had transactions against it? What are the best practices for solving this problem?

Your insight is much appreciated!



Yes, your understanding is right. we can’t change the dimensions of an item that has had transactions.

I believe creating a new item and stopping the existing item would be a suggestible approach.

Hey Mike,

As our santosh said, It is not possible to change the dimensions once it is posted.Create a new product instead of that and do the necessary setups as per the requirement and then go to default order settings and enable “stopped” to stop the previous product.

  • Krisheed

I did come across the possibility of the below actions:

  1. Create a new storage dimension with the dimension no longer wanted being active and blank issue and blank receipt allowed

  2. Go the the products list page and delete the storage and/or tracking dimensions from the particular item(s)

  3. Go the the release products list page and you will be able to change the storage and/or tracking dimension for the particular item(s)

I have tried the above and it seems to be working and have not yet found any consequences for the few items we are testing it on. Do any of you have experience with the above solution and whether or not it creates upstream or downstream consequences for the process?