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I created purch order and get the item. This item have serial no, so I registed and makling Receipt List. Now that item’s want’s to closed, Stil that item show deliver reminder, but it has registered. So I could not cancel that quantity. How to cancel the quantity and close the purchase. Kindly give the solution.

Purchase order line > Inventory button > Registration, check the Auto-create checkbox next to the registered transaction, then select the Post All button. Then you can cancel the deliver remainder.

Hi Gurunath,

To set the back order quantity zero and cancel the remaining order, in the deliver remainder dialogue box (appears when selecting Deliver Remainder functionality from purchase order line > Functions Button)

Click Cancel quantity button in the dialogue box to set the back order quantity to zero and cancel the remaining order.



Followed by your suggeston Cancel the Qty.

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Is it applicable to AX 2012 also ?

Yes deliver remainder functionality is the same, the user interface is just different.