Cancel Sales and Purchase orders

We have implemented Axapta only recently and we have one major problem: how can we cancel Sales & Purchase orders which aren’t delivered yet. At the moment there are some problems in het interface to the warehouse, so some order lines don’t come through. To keep our administration & customers happy we’ve made new sales and purchase orders containing the lines and verified them. On the old orders there are some lines which have amounts picked. It would we really really nice to close (or cancel) these orders to minimize the amount of polution in our database. HEEEEEEEELP THX, Gerry Veraa

To cancel Sales/Purchase Order use the Deliver Remainder function. The cancel function is found by following these steps: 1. Open the Accounts Receivable menu and then click Sales Order. 2. Select the Sales Order line (lower pane) and then click the Functions button. 3. Select Deliver Remainder and then click the Cancel Quantity button. With no prior Sales Order line shipments, canceling all Sales Order lines causes the Sales Order lines and header bearing a canceled status. Sales Order lines with partial shipments can still go through the cancel quantity process but the Sale Order line and header will not pick up a canceled status. regards vaibhav

and what abot if the status is delivered…

How do you cancel “Delivered” Sales Orders? When you try to delete it, it gives the following error message? Order line must be invoiced first.

Well you havbe shipped product and potentially create GSNI, you either need to invoice it or reverse the shipment with a negative delivery note and then delete it.