Cancel the Purchase order

Hi All

i want to cancel the purchase order whose status is received, i am trying for Delivry remainder.But dont know the process can anyone tell me.


First post -ve lines of Items delivered so that its status changes to open order. Then select each item go functions delivery reminder and cancel quantity.

Thanks for reply Akusman…

Actually i have one line item in PO,and the PO status is received. Wht i did is i add one more line of same quantity in -ve and do the posting upto packing slip. Now it get reverse.What i want is to change the status to cancel, how can i do this, if possible explain me the stepwise process.Ans also this Function/delivery remainder/cancel quantity, the concept.


Press the red cross at the top, the order will be deleted.

The deliver remainder allows you to close open lines, you order 100, they deliver 98, the 2 are never coming so you cancel the deliver remainder. Allows you to see 98 delivered against 100 ordered.

i think that we can also do while posting the packing slip, there is one “close” check box we can do this at the time of creating the packing slip.if we check that we can close the line at the time of creating the packing slip.

The close calls the deliver remainder function at the point of delivery note, so if you order 10 and receive 6 and close the “On Order” quantity is 0. Nothing left to receive. Very different from your original question.