Cancel the on order quantity in AX2009


This particular item 167290 has two delivery notes totaling 92 but another delivery note reversed this quantity (-92).
On the Inventory transaction, it shows two “On Order” quantity which I want to cancel.

But these two transactions have an Output Order which the Functions/End Inventory Order is greyed out. How can I cancel this transaction?
Pls help me on this.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Were you able to change the deliver reminder to Zero (Functions → Delivery reminder = 0)?

Hi Kranthi,

I tried as you said. But when I select the Reason code the system prompt me this error:

Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with ‘on order’ status.

The items are Sold, Deducted or Picked.

How to overcome this? :frowning:

Hi, I have set the parameters: End output inventory order in Inventory Management setup, yet it is not working because this item already Posting- picking list registration with status completed.

How can I delete the Inventory/ Transaction/ the two lines with issue status ON-ORDER?

Please advise. Tq.

what if I delete this two transaction from AOT-InventTrans? will this complicating the situation? please advise. Thank you :slight_smile:

Never delete in the AOT, it will make it worse.

You need to remove it through the order. There is no reason code on the deliver remainder - have you customized this? You would need to show us the inventory transactions and explain the process steps of how you got there.


Kranthi Sir

Give Me Clear Imformation About On Deliver Remainder Functionality



Press deliver remainder, it shows you the balance of the line, you define the quantity to delete and press cancel quantity - outstanding amount is reduced, status of lines updated if applicable.

I have experienced some strange behavior in this area. Check the two On Order transactions. Is there anything populated in the Inventory Reference, Inventory number, & Picking route fields? If so, are any of them blank? I have had situations where I could not End the Output order but deleting it solved the problem. I have also had situations where I had to go through the AOT to InventTrans and clear out values from TransChildRefId because the Output Order was already ended but was still on the transaction for some reason. Though we also have a lot of modifications in this area that could be causing interference.

Hi Adam,

I realized that the user had a dimension batch no n location filled during posting that particular item in SO and they reversed the same item without the dimension batch no n location being set up.

but I don’t k now how to resolve this :frowning:

You cannot reverse it as standard without these dimensions - they are transaction defined by the item - I would look into debugging the process, understand the loophole then investigate if it can be rectified.


by my technical person’s advise, only data patching can help through to resolve this. but Im not sure where to find that particular item in Table>data dictionary…

please advise. TQ.

Get your technical person to do the changes, if you do not know where it is, and therefore the related tables, you should not be doing this.