AX 2009 Service not starting

Hi Every One,

While i am starting Dynamics AX 2009 i am facing the following error.

Please provide a solution for this.

Thanks in advance.


Check SQL server is started or not ? Start SQL server and then you start Dynamics AX Object Server 5.0$01-AX593.



how the service get stopped. did you stopped it. r u changed the application file location in server configuration utility tool.

Hi Sarathy,

Thanks for your reply. i done it.

But, Its doesn’t work.


Welcome to DUG.

There must be an entry in the AOS Event viewer with more details on this error. Most of the time the info would be self explanatory. Please can you check? If it doesn’t make sense, please feel free to post here.

Hi Vinoth,

I didn’t made any changes.

Hi Harish,

Please find this.


check below site for resolution[:)],

Hi Vinoth,

Its not solved. Please provide a solution.


The info in above screen shot is self explanatory.

Your AOS service account (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) is unable to log into SQL Server. See AX 2009 installation guide for the AOS account configuration details.

Thanks alot Harish.

I will check it.

Thanks Harish,

Problem solved.

Hi Vnoth…

I did exactly what you expected. I stopped services then I change Data Base in server configuration utility tool. Now I get below error…Could please provide solution for this

I think when you try to start the service , the above error comes up . But service may be under Starting status which means it will start under few minutes. Wait for sometime and the service will start automatically.

And still if the service does not get started , delete the vcgantt.ocx file from the following path of your AOS Server

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\Common

Thanks for help…But unfortunately Not Working…[:(] Again I am getting same timely fashion error…

Hi Nunna,

Please post error log from AOS event viewer here.