AX2009 AOS service does not start


i am making a developer installation for AX2009

Server : Microsoft windows Server 2009 R2 Datacenter edition

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition SP1

the user is Administrator everywhere, service is not starting and the below is the error message:

Object Server 01: The home directory for Axapta (c:\Folder\ax64\Application) does not match the required structure or can not be accessed. Please check installation, configuration and access rights.

any idea about the missing permission?

You have to give full permission on the Application files folder to the domain account in which AOS service is startup.


Janak Talekar


thanks for the reply, we are working on it, the permission error was because the folders did not exist(they were not created during the install)

we are still working on the issue, after creating them, now i have a “cannot load sqlinit” file (i’m not sure of the exact error message

i will update here once we are done

I think you need to give execute permission on following Stored procedure in SQL Server.

1)Createserversessions and



Janak Talekar


Looks your folder structure (i.e. physical aspect) has not been set up correctly. Suggest to copy Ax folder setup from a working installation and replicate the same.


the installation was being done a French edition windows server, the system did not create all folders.

i made the same installation on an english windows server, then copied the application to the french version.

the problem was solved