Unable to start service

Hi Everyone,

I am installed ax2012 in my server.suddenly to stop the service.I try to start the service it unable to start . the following error comes.please give me the solutions to rectify the problem.

0044.3-1-2012 6-08-07 PM.png

Thanks Advance


Two possibilities -

  1. Assuming all credentials and configurations are correct, then the above error could just be a time out issue. In nutshell, Windows expects services to start within a time frame. After this time frame, Windows will throw this error. But if services are refreshed after a while, the service would have started.

  2. Could be genuine error most likely related to SQL server credentials. In such scenarios, there will be a detailed error message in Event viewer. Please have a look and let us know.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for giving reply.

when i am trying to start the service,immediately the error comes.

I think all the credentials are correct.i checked the database users and permissions apart from this which credentials i have to check.


Please post error message in Event viewer. Check Event viewer in both AOS and SQL server.


The below error in the event viewer

A timeout was reached (30000 milliseconds) while waiting for the Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server 6.0$01-DynamicsAX2012 service to connect.




As I mentioned in my previous message, this is just a case of time out issue. Try refreshing service and see whether it gets re-started. Alternatively try restarting the server and see whether service gets started

I assume AOS and SQL server are in same domain and network speed etc are well within DAX system guidelines.