Unable to start services in Ax2009

when am trying to start services it shows the message like following…

windows could not start the dynamics Object server5.0$01-Dynamics Ax on local computer.

and it shows the error code is 100.

any one help me

Check the following steps in order to troubleshoot:

1)Sql server service is running
2)Try to start the AX service using different logon account.
3)Check the account permissions on database and two stored procedures creating sessions(CREATESERVERSESSIONS,CREATEUSERSESSIONS)


Before posting, please search this forum first. After all, you may not be the first person who had this issue.


Just try to start again the service and check the Event Viewer - some of these problems are having something logged in the event log. You may find something useful there.

Hi Dhanasekhar,

Error code 100 means Login problem. Have you recently changed your Windows password. If yes, make sure you update the password on the AOS service’s log on tab page. Please note that this is applicable if you are running the service under your account.

If this doesnt solve your issue, Right click on your Dynamics AX folder, select security and add your user giving him full permission to your folder. This should fix it.

If it still doesnt, please paste the content of your event viewer here and we will take a look.

Hope this helps.