AX 2009 Ignores my on-hand inventory


So I have three WH. One of them was the main one before I changed them all to be at the same level.

Now, I am planning at site level and I want the master scheduling to consider all the on-hand inventory on the three WH but it just considers the stock that I have on the WH that was the main one before.

Hi Nacho,

On the ‘Warehouse’ setup form, what is the ‘Type’ of each Warehouse. Do any warehouses have ‘Manual’ (on the Master planning tab) ticked?

If you have three warehouses A B and C and you have item Z in warehouse B for 10, and need 5 but place the sales order on warehouse A you want AX to do what? Nothing, create a planned purchase order or suggest a transfer from B to A.

From your post I am guessing “Nothing” is the answer as you need 5 and have 10. In which case you need to no plan by warehouse - the dimension group item coverage flag set at warehouse level would need to be removed, which once you have transactions you cannot.

Sorry I explained myself incorrectly. None of my three warehouses have the manual flag tick and they all are Default type.

What I actually have is nine warehouses, but I just want to plan on three of them and I want my master schedule to consider the on-hand inventory of those three, if possible, without any transfer orders.

Continuing with Adam’s case, if I need 20 items of Z and I have 10 on WH A and 5 on WH B, I want AX to just create a PO of 5. At the moment, AX would create a PO of 10 and it would ignore the on-hand inventory of the WH B.

I am planning at site level because I thought that was the best configuration for this but it is not working so if you think there is another way I would be pleased to learn it.

Thanks for everything,

Kind regards.

If you were planning at site level it would not ignore the on hand 5 in WHB and therefore you must have the item coverage flag ticked on teh dimension group line for warehouse. Simple test would be to open the item coverage against the item, if you can define a warehouse on the line you plan by warehouse.

If you plan by site and want it to only consider the stock at 3 warehouses you would then need to filter your MRP runs which is not recommended by Microsoft, they want you to plan for all warehouses and then filter - this would not work for you as stock at any other warehouse would also be considered stock. This would mean any demand/supply crossing in and out of those three warehouses (as a group) would give you furhter planning issues

Hi Adam,

I think I am not planning at WH level. I attach you one picture of the dimension inventory group that I am using and another one of the groups assigned to the item Z. Furthermore, I cannot choose the warehouse on coverage item. It must be that I am passing over something.

On the second place, how would you solve my problem of just planning on three WH without having any transfer orders (this is not mandatory but desired)?

Thank you.


The solution was that if I plan at Warehouse level, Axapta is only going to consider the warehouse indicated on each article and it won’t use the on-hand inventory on other warehouses unless there are relations between the warehouses.