AX2009 Master Planning not reading Inventory On Hand when "include Forecast Plan"is active

I have a problem where, when running Master Scheduling, AX2009 is not taking account of Inventory On Hand, if the"include Forecast" parameter is selected on a Master Plans general Tab.

Has anyone come across this issue?

Are you sure your forecast is not consuming your stock? Can you give an example of the values (a simple one) with the coverage settings and dimension group coverage setting? Especially the time fences and the positive and negative days.

It would seem to be a case of Client finger error, after all!

The client had changed a warehouse master planning parameter to manual coverage, and this was the problem. When you have manual Item Coverage on a warehouse, AX ignores all Items in that warehouse ffrom a master planning perspective, and they are excluded from display in net requirements.

Thanks for responding, anyway!

Ah so it was not ignoring inventory, it was just never suggesting anything [:D]

You have to look at the pegging and net requirements, it tells you to purchase something and cancel it because an upstream demand is driving the requirement but the system sees no need for it.

You might also want to consider setting your negative days to 270 to rule out this impact.

Indeed looking at pegging…only one line (far off future) is pegged for current on hand quantity.

For other items, NO lines are pegged for current on hand quantity.

Are you saying you have a suggestion to cancel and no pegging? If that is the case I would check where used and all transactions (transfers, inventory journals etc) and verify nothing exists. Not seen a suggestion without demand even if the demand is driven by the negative days concept.

I’m saying: there are some cases where there is either no pegging for current ON HAND inventory, or only a partial pegging, say 36pcs for far off future need of the 1700+ currently on hand. Same for our arrivals/receipts (active POs).

I’ve tried to paste the screen view to aid in explanation, but I don’t succeed with the copy from Word icon provided here, nor pasting directly. Is there a other way for me to send you the screen view?

Insert Media icon.

What happens when you change your negative dats to the coverage period?