on hand consider in master scheduling

Hi all

When i running master scheduling for a item with BOM type that it has several item with item type that all of them have on hand, AX 2009 create planned purchase orders for items instead of thair on hands but i want it use on hand.

please help me in this problem(I selected “Include on-hand inventory” in Masre plan form)

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Do they have defined with Min/Max levels?

Hi Kranthi

yes they have.

What policy have you instilled in the item coverage/coverage group?

What is the item coverage by dimension set to?

Where is the stock and where is it planning for it to be?

Hi Adam

I select Min./Max. in coverage code, 2 for negative days, 100 for positive days for items

I select dimension model group that it has only site and warehouse that coverage by dimension selected for them

I select the warehouse that its name is 11

Why 2 negative days? Move demand by 2 days and it would suggest a new order. You did not tell us the item coverage settings where you actually define the minimum and minimum periods etc. Also you did not confirm the warehouse of supply and demand you just said you select it which means nothing

As the demand is going to reduce your inventory levels than that of Min/max levels - to meet them it might be creating a Planned Order.

Hi Kranthi

Items have high inventory on hand and my inventory levels don’t fall under Min/Max levels

Hi Adam

How could I confirm the warehouse?

I define a warehouse in the inventory breakdown>warehouses and I associate it to items in the “site specific order settings” form

But you have not told us the warehouse of the demand or the warehouse of the planned order or any of the item coverage settings. You told us the coverage group settings only. Site specific order settings are not relevant Please do not PM me to answer this again


in the item coverage site=1 warehouse=11 min=0 max=0 coverage code= Min/Max. coverage time fence=100 negative day =0 positive day=100

planned order type=purchase order

Please explain to me why you have set the negative dayes to zero here?

Then just for fun write down for me the net requirements for this product at this warehouse, with the appropriate dates and accumualted inventory.


Is there any way, if I want to run Planning for Sales Orders Only…

Yes remove teh on hand flag, set the coverage to requirement and ensure you have no purchase orders, transfer orders or journals on the item. Running it for sales only is really only getting part of the picture which is naturally an issue in a fully related dependent planning system.