Master Planning in Ax 2009

I have created the items below:

FG-001 - Finished good, Inventory is not available in “Site-1”, “Warehouse-11” and “Loc-1”

RAW-001 - Bom component, Inventory is not available in “Site-1”, “Warehouse-11” and “Loc-1”, but Inventory is available in “Site-1”, “Warehouse-11” and “Loc-2”.

Added coverage group for above items.

I have created the sales order for FG item with quantity of “100” nos in the “Site-1”, “Warehouse-11” and “Loc-1”. But when i am running the engine, system is not creating the planned purchase order against “Site-1”, “Warehouse-11” and “Loc-1”.

What is the reason, system is not suggesting planned purchase order even Inventory is not available in “Site-1”, “Warehouse-11” and “Loc-1”.

In ax2009, planning will work against location wise or not?

Please let me know if was doing ant thing wrong.




This behavior depends on how your dimension groups are setup. If you have the “coverage plan by dimension” checkbox enabled for location, this should work.

Check the dimension group assigned to these items and let me know what you find.

Typically, though, WMS II functionality is used for location to location transfers. Are you using this functionality?

The dimension group has to have the coverage plan by dimension group set, but why would you want to do it at a location level, it is a horrendous setup and maintenance. If you are trying to segregate stock do it at a warehouse level to hide/quarantine etc.

Yeah, couldn’t agree more. If you need to plan replenishments between locations, you should really use WMS II instead of MRP. MRP works best for warehouse/warehouse or site/site transfers.

That is really strange, it had no replies, but clearly yours was there Jake. hmmmmm.

Thanks for your reply Jake, they are not using WMSII.