Master planning excludes a warehouse


When running the master planning, how to exclude a warehouse? I know there is a “Manual” check box on the master planning tab of the warehouse, and it works if set the dimension group/warehouse/coverage plan by dimension.

However, it doesn’t work for my scenario:

I need to exclude Warehouse C from master planning, but I would like master planning consider the total inventory available of other warehouses. If I set the coverage by dimension, AX will consider the independant requirement for each warehouse.

Someone told me “Refilling” feature might work, I just want to confirm.


To excude a warehouse tick the manual and plan at warehouse level - if you do not plan at warehouse level all warehouses are relevant within a site that is the point of the planning coverage - if you do not plan at warehouse level the manual planning is irrelevant at warehouse level because you do not plan at that level.

Hi Adam, we have WH A & B - where B is ticked manual for Master planning. I would like to know where about we can set the planning to run based off the Warehouse level - right now I believe AX is looking at Site-WH. Just to double check. Also, is it possible to exclude any other inventory dimensions say location or aisle assuming that the WH (that the location/asile associated to) is included for planning but exclude the lower level inventory dimension siblings ?

Hi Patirck

You should not filter the planning run, if you do the ability to filter out higher level requirements is present. Bring it in and then remove suggestions post review is my advice.