Access rights on per-record basis?

Howdy, Sorry if this has already been discussed - I had no idea which words to search for in the archive [:I] We are running NF 2.60 (and have absolutely no intention of upgrading to Attain [:D]). We want to restrict user read access to certain records in a table. I.e., the user has ordinary read access to this table, but is not allowed to see some records. Only users with the appropriate privileges are allowed to see all records. Is this possible? We are considering using a filter on a special field, but this would require putting the filter code into all forms and reports where this table is accessed. Thanks for your ideas,

We did exactly this for a client who wanted clerks to see only certain vendors and related data in Payables, but not other vendors. We used the FilterGroup functions to define filters that the users could not remove. With a combination of focused code changes and permissions, we only had to change a minimum number of objects.

This raises an old question: “Microsoft, when do we get or global filter? We are waiting since more than 6 years now!” From the help file: FILTERGROUP Use this function to select a filtergroup and to find the number of the current filtergroup. ----snip---- ----snip---- C/SIDE uses 6 FILTERGROUPS internally: 1 Global Not used, but may be used in the future. ----snip---- It could be sooooo easy

Thanks for your answers! It seems that there is no way around some programming - unfortunately, we intend to restrict the “Project” table, which is used in an overwhelming number of reports [xx(]

Heinz, you mentioned that you do not want to upgrade to Attain. Anyway, the security filter works only with the SQL Database and, thats is very strange, does not allow you later to make any postings. There are several issues with this on the Navision Partnerguide and the only “workaround” for this is to use the “filtergroup”. If anybody is interesting in more technical details regarding the security filter error we can discuss this here or in a new topic. Regards Walter

Walter, I suppose the “security filter” you mentioned is a new feature in Attain? Well, implementing Financials took us a looong time and was somewhat troublesome, to put it mildly. The overwhelming majority of our objects has suffered significant changes and modifications [:p] Now the system is running almost smoothly, and as they say, “never touch a running system” [;)]

Hi, I am kinda afraid to post reply in this topic.All people are with atleast 1 star under their belt. Any way, new to Attain, still happened to read in my 3.10 documentation that the records level security is possible only with SQL database, not with Attain database.(With normal user admin. procedures). Dharmendra Desai

You are right Dharmendra. But Xorph’s Customer don’t want to upgrade to Navision Attain. Implementing Security Filter through Filter Group for earlier versions I believe is a nightmare. B’cos this kind of security implemented through coding isn’t visible through the standard way(Tools–>Security–>Roles–>Permissions) making it difficult to understand and give the permissions. There’ll be lot of emphasis on Training/Documentation.


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All people are with at least 1 star under their belt. Anyway, new to Attain…

Everybody here have had a “first” post (you have 40 already). You are welcome, anytime.