Question about Setting security filters

Question re: Attain 3.70 ( not SQL ) I need to set security permissions so that a user is restricted to seeing G/L transactions and account schedules for one department only. Is this possible ? ( I have read the help on setting security filters and it only says you can do it for SQL version ) Cheers John Green

You need to code this in OnOpenForm in all forms like this: FILTERGROUP(2); SETRANGE(Field, MyRange); FILTERGROUP(0);

OK Thanks Lars. I’ll have a look

Hi Lars This either works for all users or no users as there does not appear to be a way of assigning this code to a specific user. Does this mean that a new form is required for each user?? Thanks John

perhaps it is a solution to save MyRange to table 91 ( 99?) for each user and modify Lars code to : tab91.get(userid); FILTERGROUP(2); SETRANGE(Field, tab91."new field"); FILTERGROUP(0);

I will try this . Thanka a lot. John