Security Filter in Attain

Hi, I have tried to use security filter in Navision Attain. However, when I set the security filter in item, sales header and sales line table. ‘Read premission’ error is shown when creating new invoice. I have given blank, like ‘’, in the security filter. Such errors are quite easy to be find if more than 1 table are used in a form. In my testing, I use global dimension 1 code for security purpose. If anyone knows what’s wrong or alternatives, please reply. Thank you in advance.

Are you using the SQL Option? If not, this feature only works on the SQL option. /Michael

Thanks Micheal, I am using SQL option since the security filter is not working in Navision Database. Richard

I created some training material that I will post here tomorrow. Hopefully that will explain any questions that you have - if not please post a comment after having read the material. /Michael

Thanks Micheal, hope you can upload the document soon since i urgently need that. Richard