Security Filters Revisited

Hi Peeps, I have a problem with security filters that I hope someone has already solved so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The situation is as follows: 1) Our customer is using 3.60 SQL and all hotfixes up to 14 have been applied. 2) They want to limit which vendors a particular user can see based on that users login. ie. Security settings. 3) The limitation is to apply a filter on the Global Dimension 1. What I have done 1) I have set up a test login so with the following ideas for roles Super User Access to System,Tables,Forms,Codeunits,Reports and Dataports. A role for Table data that includes all tables with all permissions set to yes. 3) One security filter has been applied to the final role for table data. That is on the Vendor Table = Global Dimension 1 = UK Result. The user can only see those vendors whose Global Dimension 1 value = UK (This is exactly what we want) but we cannot create new Vendors. Clearly this is because on inserting a new vendor GD1 is blank. Is there anyway of getting round this without code? I am not in favour of extending my filter to include blank values if at all possible because I want to force the value of this field. BTW if this were the only place i needed to restrict then it wouldn’t be a major issue but i’ve got similar restrictions to impose system wide. Regards Simon

Now that you’ve your security working in almost the way you want… why don’t you just modify the onNewRecord trigger on the form for checking if there’s any filter on the “global dimension 1” field and (GETFILTER), if there’s any, then get the minimum value (use GETRANGEMIN) and set that value in the new record. :slight_smile: Regards,

Alfonso, Thanks for this. I feared it was the way I would have to go. Oh well, only another 20 tables to hit!!! Regards Simon