3.70 Crashes


We have a customer with many clients (over 80). 4 of them have started crashing. It appears in some cases that Nav crashes can occur when they aren’t using the applicaton, in fact not even using the PC!!

The clients are GB 3.70.A and the databases are 3.70.B (native) which was a recommendation from Lars at Microsoft to fix another problem. This set up has been in for well over a year now without any other problems.

3 of the pcs are new builds and the other one has been installed for ages. The error codes are exactly the same on the 3 new ones and the old one is slightly different., 415c9df5, fin.exe,, 415c9df5, 0, 0004184e, 415c9df5, fin.exe,, 415c9df5, 0, 00100053

The second one appears on the older pc. What is the significance of the last set of characters?

Has anybody got any ideas what can cause these kind of crashes?

Many Thanks in advance


Fistlyu if its happening when you are not using Navision, or even the PC, then I would first be looking to see if you have a virus. Unless you have an OnTimmer running in Navision, I just can’t see how it would crash by it self.

Secondly its not good to have an old version of the client with a new version of the database. You should get you cleints and server on exactly the same version. (The objects can be older, but executablses shoud always be the same).