App crash 47b39d56 Maicrosoft Dynamics Nav Client executable for SQL Server has stopped working

A coworker is having an issue while working on Nav 5 SP1 with SQL server option. His applicaiton gets crashed automatically giving below error. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

Application Name: finsql.exe

Application Version: 5.0.26084.0

Application Timestamp: 47b39d56

Fault Module Name: finsql.exe

Fault Module Version: 5.0.26084.0

Fault Module Timestamp: 47b39d56

Exception Code: c0000005

Exception Offset: 000bbdcf

OS Version: 6.0.6000.

Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:

LCID: 9e9b

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Hi Kanwel,

First of all, welcome to Dynamics User Group.

Where are you getting this error?

If you are familar with the debugger then turn it on and trace where the error occurs.

Hi Dave T,

Thanks !

I am not able to debug the error since the application crashes immedialtely just after log in.

This error is coming when a user is logging to the system. He is able to log into Navision through SQL server to access Db through SQL option. But this is an issue which has started recently where the Navision application crashes abrubtly. It has started coming on few systems and more & more complaints for the same have started coming from different users.

Which version of Windows are you using?

Have you googled the error?

Does this happen all the time or only with a specific Navision task?

What task is your co-worker running?

Do you have other Windows problems?

More information pleaseā€¦

This has many symptoms of a virus - are your systems protected?

Working on Windows XP.

I tried on google but didnt work.

There is no specific task on which this issue arises.

It happens just in a second the moment a user is logged into Navision.

Is it coz of some antivirus update, firewall which has corrupted the Windows registry of Nav client?

We found no other problem in terms of windows.

Yes, very much. All systems are virus protected and anti virus software is up to date.

Do you have anti-virus software installed?

Do you have firewall software installed?

Is there a PC / system in the office where you can connect to NAV?

How is it different to the other systems?

Have you checked for virus contmination?

When did you update the virus definitions and run a full scan?

Have you made any configuration changes to the Firewall?

Have you had a visit from a 3rd. Party supplier who may have changed the configuration?

Has anyone changed the server? Is that natve or SQL?

Virus definition is not available right now.

I need to check the same with IT guy who is not availble right now.

No to third question.

It is SQL and no one has changed any set up to it.

Hi Kanwal,

Try renaming/deleting your ZUP file


I have already deleted the ZUP file. Not working. But I found that if I reinstall Client, system is working fine afterwords. But I am not sure for how long it will stay.

See, the system administrator has not update any virus definition from last 3 months.

There is a McAfee definition last updated in Jan09.

There is no 3rd party involved into it.

Noone has changed the server as well. It is a SQL server.

But Yes, there is an installation of Business notifications recently been done. But how it can affect in crashing the Application is still to find.