Navision 3.70A crash when disconnected

Hi, Whenever something breaks on the network, the Navision client gives the warning that the communication between client and server was lost, crashes, offers to send information to MS and restarts. This all seems a bit nasty to me, i.e. it could just warn and allow the user to log back in again, why the crash? Is anybody else suffering from this and any resolutions? It would be nice to get it to work properly as we want to start using a SQL script that logs users off automatically after a period of inactivity and the client crashing each time puts a bit of a stop to that. Client is the very latest 3.70A GB. Thanks Meint

Well its crashing because of a bug, not by design. Can you grab the Error Signature information in the dialog that offers to send the crash information to MS, after clicking ‘What does this report contain?’ - and post it here.

AppName: finsql.exe AppVer: AppStamp:403bfd3f ModName: finsql.exe ModVer: ModStamp:403bfd3f fDebug: 0 Offset: 00041c3e Hope this is of help, there is a load more info in the crash file navinfo.txt but appear to be unable to copy it to the clipboard from the crash screen and cannot open the file as it is been written to by the OS before it gets deleted again. Thanks Meint

Ah, now located the .cab file with the crash info, FYI, the OS is XP with SP2 installed. Meint

There are a large number of hits for this crash (i.e. you are not alone), but I’m afraid I can see no workaround for it. The crash occurs after an error message that will cause a program termination, but the crash prevents a clean termination. It is common to both SQL and native servers. All I can say is that it is a good candidate for a 3.70 hotfix. By the way, do you get diconnections from the server frequently?

Hi, No, we don’t get disconnections very often, but would like to use the SQL disconnection script for inactive users which you can find at: When this is loaded, the user is disconnected, but it also causes the crash I am a bit reluctant to use it at the moment, which is a shame because it would do a nice job for us.