NAV Crashes at Startup

I have a PC that when you click NAV it starts up, but as soon as you click open to open your database and choose server, database and windows auth it will crash when it tries to open the program. It will just ask if you want to send an error report and then try to restart. Where would I start trouble shooting this? I have tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling and it still doesn’t not work. Any help would be appreciated.

If this should be posted in another forum, please let me know. I didn’t really know where to post it.



That already happened to me. 99% of the issues where solved by to ways:

1 – Clean a virus or worm in computer where is installed Navision
2 – Upgrading the client.


If the problem occurs in that specific PC. The reason may be the followings :—

  1. Virus in the system.

  2. Some system file(s) may be corrupted.

  3. Navision Client software not installed properly.

  4. Operating system problem, not installed propely.

Check the Event Log to see if there is an error in there.

If there is, posted it here and we’ll see if we can narrow down what the error is.


I had a same problem when my Event Log was full. Look into your event log, export it, clean it.