Fin.exe crashes w7 x86/64 - nav5.0sp1

Hi, i have a somewhat hard-to-diagnose problem.

The setup is:
Microsoft Windows Small business server 2008 (64-bit), 24GB ram, two 10k rpm drives in hardware raid1.
Gigabit network using only one NIC, gigabit switch → fiber → gigabit switch → cat6 to clients. Load is 10-20mbit
Navision 5.0 sp1 installed NOT SQL, one 10485760 kb database which is 75% used. Licensed size is 65536000 kb so that’s not a problem. DBMC cache 999992kb, commit cache active, object cache 32000 kb. Navision uses TCPS.
Database was installed by making a backup on the old server (3.70 or something like that), creating a new database on the new server and restoring the backup into this.

I was on the outskirts of this project so i was not told why we wouldn’t go to the SQL-version instead, there was talk about $10.000 upgrade costs etc. Anyway we still use a fdb.

Microsoft Windows 7 both 32 and 64-bit, 4+ GB ram, gigabit nics. Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus. Some have UAC activated, everyone is local admin.
Navision 5.0 sp1 clients, the “about”-box say: Version SE 3.70, Modul+3.70 Hotfix 10 (5.00).
(This does not appear to be a 64-bit application.)

Now to the problem, since installing this database in december 2010 we’ve had problems with nav locking up on clients, both the “normal” hard working windows program and screen fades to grey, and hard crashes where fin.exe stops working and windows shuts it down.

My problem is that there is no information anywhere why this happens, i cannot find logfiles on the server or on the client and the reliability-history only says

“Programmet fin.exe, version 5.0.26084.0, avslutades eftersom det slutade att samverka med Windows. Ytterligare information kan finnas i problemhistoriken på kontrollpanelen för Åtgärdscentret och lösningar.
Process-ID: 1090
Starttid: 01cc939d7954c701
Avslutningstid: 2
Programsökväg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\fin.exe

Roughly translated this says “the program fin.exe, version 5.0.26084.0 was closed because it stopped cooperating with windows”

Does anyone know where i might find more information, how i can activate logging for navision (somehow) or if there is anything apparently wrong with the configuration on the server that might cause this?

for 7.5 gig DB the native database is fine. But you do need more disks. I would start by getting 4 new drives and configure them as 2xRAID1 and split the db in two parts on those drives. Make sure the drives are dedicated to Navision.

I would also lower the server cache to about 900meg, as the server can have issues above 950.

Do you ever get a message at the clients that the server commit cache is full and being written to disk?

Thank you for the reply, I never really considered the disks to be a problem, though as you suggest if 4x disks would be fine i’m sure we’re extremely below safe limits when we not only run Navision on this single raid1 but also a full sbs server with exchange.

I shall look into it, we’ve also had suggestions upgrading to Nav 2009 (the dvd was sent to us in the beginning of the year but nothing has been done with it yet).

From what i have heard we have never had complaints about commit cache.