2 Zup files for same user

please help

iam navision4.1 SQL — shortcut for nav finsql.exe

i made two shortcuts for finsql.exe because every shortcut wil login to to different server and diferent datatbase

But how can i separate the zup file into two .

in briefly i need to define a path to fin.zup for finsql.exe .

how can i make two zup files to the same user on the same computer

hoping my question is clear

When starting NAV you can state something like “fin.exe id=\SomeShare\Client\UserSetup\FixedUserId” (you’ll have a file named FixedUserId.Zup) or “fin.exe id=\SomeShare\Client\UserSetup%username%”, where “%UserName%” will be replaced with the username that logged on.


.can you help more …iam not understaning …i am using finsql.exe … please clear more me you solution …from where i can state something like this fin.exe?

thank you , please continue your help

It’s in the “Target” property of your shortcut, on the Shortcut tab. Rightclick the shortcut, go to the Shortcut tab, and add the ID parameter at the end of the value. So for instance, the one that I use for my NAV 5.0 used to be:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\finsql.exe”

Then at the end of the Target, I add the ID parameter, and change it to this:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\finsql.exe” ID=“C:\NAV\Zupfiles\50SQL.zup”

The folder C:\NAV\Zupfiles stores the zupfiles for all of my NAV versions.

thank you Den Ster ---- it worked … great explanation

You’re welcome, always happy to be able to help [Y]

Hope u wouldn’t mind helping me too [:)]

How do i find this ID parameter?


You don’t need to “find” anything.

In samples above there was full path to .ZUP files.

You may simply add ID=somecharacters, and on next run from this shortcut Navision will create somecharacters.ZUP file in its default location C:\Documents and Settings*username*\Application Data\ (different on Vista & Win7). I have, for example, something like this - ID=4SP3, ID=4SP3SQL, ID=51W1SQL, ID=51LVSQL - but that is upon everybody’s own liking and needs.

To point to different servers, DBs and companies - create as many shortcuts as needed, run Navision for first time from any given shortcut, connect to DB & open preferred company. This is saved in corresponding ZUP, next time the same will open, as Navision opens the last one you worked with.

One warning - Navision shortcut that is put on desktop by installer is NOT editable, you must create your own ones, then you will be able to edit Target textbox, that is, to add this ID= param at the end of existing contents.