Multiple Database question ..

The company i work for has 3 different databases with multiple companies in each database. I modify all the reports for all the companies ( i know … lucky me right?)

is there a way to create different shortcuts on my desktop for each database, rather than having to go thru the select database, select company each time i switch back and forth?

Dear Roger,

What product are you asking your question in regards to? NAV/Navision? AX/Axapta? GP/Great Plains?

my apologies for not including that in my original post.

I use NAV 4.0 SP1

Ok then the answer is easy:

Yes you can do that. Create a shortcut of to the fin.exe file on your desktop. If you are using the SQL Server option of Navision, then add the following startup parameter “database=my_database_name”. And then you must also enter the name of the server “server=my_server_name”. You can also use a startup parameter to specify the company name and other things. Use a comma between the different startup parameters.

  1. Create multiple shortcuts to fin[sql].exe

  2. In shortcut property “Target” add at the end " ID=XXXX…", where each “XXXX…” is different in all shortcuts

This will create different .ZUP files vith name xxxx.ZUP upon first NAV launch thru this shortcut. Then, open the needed DB and Company, and this will be stored in corresponding ZUP file.

That`s it…

Yes it also works. Unless your ZUP file get corrupted (which happens) then you have to manually select the databases again. For the Navision expert that is normally not a big issue.[;)]

But for a normal user, that would mean as minimum a call to the support help desk…

thanks for the help guys … i knew it was possible, just wanst sure how to do it.

and yea … i fix .zup’ all the time around here :stuck_out_tongue: