Desktop shortcuts to Navision Databases

I have set up two Navision database servers on the server machine at a customer site, one is intended for the live database and the other for training/testing. I need some advice about how to set up desktop shortcuts on the client PCs around the office. I would like to be able to set two shortcut icons on each desktop, one for each of the databases described above to make it as simple as possible for users. I have tried to create the shortcuts by pointing to the fin.exe that is installed on each client and then adding parameters (servername= etc.) to the target line in the properties of the shortcut but this is not working. Can anybody advise me if what I am trying to do is possible and if so how to proceed? Thanks, Chris.

Chris - yes this is possible. Try the following in the target of the shortcut: (you will obviously need to adjust the parameters, but this should give you a starting point… \ServerDirectry\fin\Clients\360a\finsql.exe servername=SERVER\SERVERNAME,database=databasename,company=company name Ltd.,id=\file_location\fin\zup\internal%username%,ntauthentication=no

Maybe this will help you: Create two shortcuts to fin.exe: Shortcut1 and Shortcut2; Then open properties of Shortcut1 and in target filed add “ID=WORK” exapmle: “C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client310\fin.exe” id=WORK Repeat that with Shortcut2, but add other id (example: “ID=TEST”) exapmle: “C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Client310\fin.exe” id=TEST Now each shortcut will be associated with own ZUP file → Each session will remember its own settings → different databases . Bye

Edit: Hm. Raimond you was faster[B)]. Hi I have two Navision databases (live + training) on my desktop (German). Here are the shortcuts: “C:\Programme\Navision Attain\Client\fin.exe” id=original “C:\Programme\Navision Attain\Client\fin.exe” id=test On the first start you have to select the database. This database is then saved in the named zup file. bye andré

Thanks for the replies. I see what’s happening here. You reply on the zup file to remember the server, database etc. and set up the shortcuts to use different zup files… it all becomes clear!!! Thanks again. Chris.

Can you set the Cache in the Shortcut? If so, can you tell me the syntax? Here is the shortcut that I have so far “C:\NavisionServers\Nav260\Client\fin.exe” “database=k:\dir1\m1.fdb” I’ve tried inserting CACHE=20000 in different places and I get the oddest errors no matter where I have tried. I have many databases with many different clients all in different versions. So I am running Client Only through the fin.exe rather than installing as a service on my machine. help?

Hi, S Webb Yes you can Try this “C:\NavisionServers\Nav260\Client\fin.exe” database=k:\dir1\m1.fdb,CACHE=20000