Editing a .zup file

We are in the process of implementing NAV in a mid sized company with 175 users. We would like to create default .zup files for various departments (Customer Service, Credit, Finance, Distribution etc) to be used as a template for the users to start with. We have a test db with data that we are using to set the preferences but the db name will change at go live. What we have noticed is the changes are database specific.

Is there a way to create the zup file using one db name and then change it to the new db name later? or is there a way to create a .zup file that will use the same preferences regardless of what db you log into?

Easy peasy, just use shortcut files and play with the available parameters.

This is one I use with an SQL db. The parameters vary depending on whether or not its sql or native, but you should be able to work with this.

“%programFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\finsql.exe” ID=%appData%\mycompanyzup.zup, Database=NAVdb, Servername=server\sqlinstance, Company=mycompany, ntauthentication=1, Nettype=TCP