Zup File Changes

I am working with a customer who has recently upgraded from a 3.60 NAV database to Version 4 SP3. I am finding that some users are having intermittent problems with their user settings, columns etc.

In some cases, mid session, users are finding that their personally configured settings are reverting back to default and there doesn’t appear to be any reason why.

I’ve checked for duplicate ZUP files on their local C : Drive but nothing strange there. I just cannot think of anything else to check.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please pass them on SmileMr. Green


Hi Mark,

You can always have alot of fun with the ZUP files…

Have you checked that the users are not starting more than one session at the time? If yes, then they migth be resetting the zup files upon exiting.

Or alternatively try to set the paht to the zup files when starting the clients to see if it still happens.

Thanks for the reply Erik,

I have already checked to see if they are running more than one session and that’s not the case, unfortunately :slight_smile:

Apologies for my lack of understanding - but what do you mean by set the path to the zup files when starting? do you mean instead of the fdb file?

Thanks again [:)]

Try start NAV as “Fin.Exe Id=C:\SomeFolderName\UserId.Zup, …” where “SomeFolderName” could be NAV’s Client-folder and “UserId” the user’s - well - ID…

So if i right click on fin.exe, select properties and then on the general tab would i specify where it states only ‘fin.exe’ the path to the Zup file? is that what you mean?

Thanks for the information so far and my apologies for the slight lack of understanding on my part :slight_smile:

In Navision Application Shortcut you can define parameters. Has a anfinnur wrote, add a parameter to Navision executable do define ZUP path.


please have a look at chapter at 2.2 Single-User and Client Setup Properties at file w1w1ism.pdf in doc directory of your product-cd.

Also note that also if you are adding developments to the database during the day or recompiling objects this can reset the object back to its original state before the user made any changes.


Thanks for all the helpful replies, much appreciated [:D]

Hi, is there any possibility how to keep the setting even if the object are changed?



Not that I am aware of.