Wrong Posting?

Hi, with one of our users, I have the following situation (Navision 2.60): 1) Original purchase line Quantity: 10 Direct Unit Cost: 10 Unit Cost: 10 Line Amount: 100 2) Posting: Receive Qu: 10 DUC: 10 UC: 10 3) Changing the DUC in the purchase order Qu: 10 DUC: 15 UC: 10 !!! Line amount: 150 4) Posting and printing: Invoice Qu: 10 DUC: 15 Line amount: 100 !!! Looking into the item ledger entry the invoice was posted as follows: Qu: 10 DUC: 10 UC: 10 Line amount: 100 I tried everything (?) to get the same result, but I always produced the correct result. Has the user found a ‘trick’ or is there a special situation, where you get this wrong result? Michael

Michael, you are saying that one user has been able to perform the scenario that you’ve layed out for us, but no one else has. Correct? I’m actually surprised that the system allowed the DUC amount to change after posting a Purchase Receipt. I’m wondering if the system followed the Item Ledger Entry for the Purchase Receipt posting to follow the same price, because the associated cost will be on that line as well.