Strange Purchasing posting Behavior

Navision AD 2.6 Customer makes multiple receipts against a PO. Then they post again,to invoice the PO. The “Qty Invoiced” and “Qty Invoiced (base)” are filled in on the receipt line. A purchase Invoice is created, and lines are added to it. Lines are added to the purchase invoice until it finds a PO line with a Qty. to Invoice. The posting process then stops. The invoice was created, but no lines were invoiced. The only lines on the invoice are the ones from the first line of the order to the one BEFORE the first line with a quantity to invoice. The posting No. on the PO has been populated, so that when the user tries to post again, they get an error message saying “Purchase INvoice XXX already exists” I can’t find anything in the code that may be causing this. This does not happen on every PO - in fact, it happens on very few. There is no common thread in the items/vendors it happens on that I can see. There is no way to really recreate it. Any help would be appreciated. Anyone ever seen anything REMOTELY similiar?

Hi, Yes, i have seen this happening especially if you have Advanced Distribution. There is a fix out there in Navision Partners network for this, download the fix and if your object has been modified put the modified code in your object. Thanks Best regards Suresh.

Can you be a little more specific? WE’re current on all improvements for this client - and Navision themselves didn’t seem to know of anything when I contacted them on it. Just trying to see if I’m missing something. Thanks.