Inventory Valuation Report

We are getting some unexpected results srom this report. To try to correct some costing issues (in a test setup) we have removed all inventory of a part, run the adjust cost posting/post inventory cost to g/l. While the inventory is still 0, we ran the inventory valuation report, as of the current date. The report gave us a remaining quanitiy of 0, but an inventory valuation of nearly $90k. Any idea how to correct this? Navision version 3.70.A Thank you, Brian Tangarone

Hi Brian Difficult to say as that is not really enough information, however, your first port of call is to check the cost fields on the item ledger transactions (from the value entries). Assuming the purchase invoice is posted against the receipt and you are not using expected cost posting, compare the inbound and outbound costs - are they the same?