Wrong unit cost and costing method standard

In a company the changed cost prices at 27-11-01 by Zeroed out all inventory - Ran the cost routines - Reposted inventory. The problem is that one item were reposted with a unit cost of 0, which was wrong. Shortly after they changed the standard cost to the right amount. Since the 27-11-01 there has been a lot of transaktions on this item. They purchase have been made to the right amount. Now my problem is, can I make the the inventory valuation on this item right by the 31-12-01? There is transaktion in the new year as well. jbelushi

Theoretically you can change many Navision tables to adjust posted cost: “Item Ledger”, “G/L Account”,“Cust. Ledger”,“Sales Invoice Header” and so on. Make additional transactions. Or you can remove ALL documents related to this item and then recreate they. But practically it almost impossible. “Attain” contains “Item Revaluation” but i do not examine this function for now. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia

I had a similar issue, customizations with a client in some situations posted wrong COGS and we are talking hundreds of item ledger entries. What I did was write code to: 1. Go throught the Item Ledger Entries and identify all the transactions where the unit cost <> what it should be (this was always the same as they were on Std Cost). 2. Create correcting GL Journal lines on the inventory/cogs accounts to cater for the difference i.e. between actual and posted cost. You may choose to keep the same document number and posting date for easy navigation 3. Post the journals 4. Edit the relevant fields (Unit Cost, Cost posted to G/l, Adjusted Cost Invoiced Qty etc.). Otherwise inventory stat reports will be off as they look at Item Ledger fields not GL Dont anybody give me an earful for fiddling with posted entries - I HATED TO DO IT too, but there was no choice. I did not touch Cust. Ledger Entries (profit LCY field) - This would lead to some inconsistent reports though. Nor sales invoice header or sales invoice lines (Unit cost fields) but it could have also been done. And I think since you mentioned standard cost is used (as with my customer) you can use this method. Though frankly reversing documents still at the wrong cost and bring them back at the right one would be the best, most consistent and simple approach. What volume of reversals are we talking about? If you are keen I could send some code.

Secondly, why would the company run costing routines (I guess you mean adjust/post cost to GL jobs) for Standard Cost. Perhaps this is a stupid question? I guess they would run the Post job without the Adjust job… Secondly if they do not have automatic cost posting and posted cost at the year end per item group not per item ledger entry then my method may not work great…