Invoiced not received quantity

I have a problem with a purchase orders that were posted 5 years ago. The items were received correct, but the when the order was invoiced it invoiced the double quantity. So on there were received e.g. 40 on the purchaseline but there were invoiced 80. I know this is not possibel in standard navision, but there might be some modification that has made this possible. It has never happen since though. There have been a lot of transactions on the items since. It is a navision 2.5 database running 3.1 clients. Does anyone have good idea how to correct this?

Hi, Normal SOP would be Credit the Invoices only for the amounts, so directly to the G/L. This doesn’t affect Inventory as you’re not posting through a LineType = “Item”. Mind the correct posting dates though because the postings influence the P/L statement. Does this solve your problem? Rgrds, Michiel

Actually the problem is not the amounts on the purchase invoice - they were correct - because the posted purchase order had the correct quantity and amounts, but it was the Item Ledger Entries that were created with the double quantities. So my problem is the inventory valuation, becase there is a positive inventory value for the items but no items in the inventory, due to difference in quantities received and quantity posted on the item ledger entries.

OK, so the Amounts are what they should be, but you’re “overstocked” with Items. Essentially the Inventory resulting from the incorrect invoices has got no value at all - it’s just fake. In that case I’d recommend posting an Item Journal with a “Negative Adjustment” per item ledger entry originating from the incorrect Invoice postings (“Apply-to”), w/o any cost and/or value. In that case your Inventory will decrease to it’s correct Quantities, w/o any financial consequences.

This still does not solve the problem. If I look at my item now and sum all the item ledger entries for this item. I have a total on the quantity field of 0 and a total on the Invoiced quantity on 40. After a negative adjustment I will just end up with a quantity of -40 and an invoiced quantity of 0.

Hi, Sorry, I don’t know how to resolve this aside from writing a mod that posts an Item Journal Line with Qty=0 and Inv.Qty. <> 0. I tried to manually create such a Journal - changed the Qties by hand after entering the Journal - but the posting routine synched both Qties…in other words, changed the Inv.Qty back to zero. Rgrds, Michiel

You never heared me saying this, but this happens even in standard Nav at some time. I did not yet find out why and when. The only way to resolve this issue is to manually manipulate the data in the invoice line and in the item ledger entry. I know that this is not the right way to do it, but I did not find another way to work around this using standard Navision functionality.