Why does the Item Ledger Entry table get updated multiple lines while single subcon delivery item is posted.

Why does the Item Ledger Entry table get updated with multiple lines while single subcon delivery item or subcon receipt is posted?

how is the sub-con process setup?

Let’s assume the sub-contract process is for painting a previously unpainted product.

You could have the scenario that you receive the sub-c product and this creates a purchase receipt line, (for the painted product), whilst at the same time creates a production consumption line for the (unpainted) product.

The flushing method is important. For a sub-contract operation, this is defautled from the flushing method held against the work centre (sub-con work centre in this case)

So, what ILE lines are you seeing?


I have sent 10qty of unpainted item to subcontractor and received 10qty of painted item from the subcontractor. In the ILE table of unpainted item shown splitted as three lines (4,3,3 qty) of transfer and three lines of consumption instead of a single line for transfer and another single line for consumption. Why does it happend like this…

Are you using tracking by any chance?

any bins in play?

or as Mohana has suggested, item tracking?

Hi All,

There is no Item tracking and bins…

why have you got 3 transfer lines?

This would imply you have something creating a transfer (perhaps to change location from your stores, to sub-c stores?).

If this is the case, my question would be what is this process doing?

Without bins or item tracking, then you could have items further divided by SKU, or variants, are you using either of these?

Without bins/sku/tracking/variants then I am starting to run out of ideas…unless the transfer process has a function based on item cost (what costing method do you have?)

Costing method is FIFO. There is no item tracking, bins, SKU and variants…

I hv one more doubt abt variants…How can we create separate BOM for each variants? If we use BoM versions, at a time only one version is activated…

Oh…thank you boss…now I understud that the three line are applied from three different purchase receipt lines bcoz of costing method FIFO. am ryt…?

Pls give me a solution for making different BOM for each item variants

FIFO costing would generate a line for each cost assuming the cost were different with each receipt. annoying, but difficult to think how NAV would do it otherwise.

with regards to your BOM question, that’s not an easy one and would need some modifications.

First question - do all items with a BOM have variants, or is it only some of them?

Most of the FG items (90%) have variants, some RMs have to changed according to FG variants

You’re starting to head towards a “configurator” type of approach, where based on what you choose at the sales end (i.e. with a variant) influences what happens with the production back end.

You could look to modify the item record with a “this is a configured item” flag. Then subject to whether or not the item is configured, allow a bill of material to exist as a version for each variant. So my item “car”, has versions, “red”, “blue”, “black”.

Each version would have a bom in its own right, as per standard NAV.

Then what you would have to modify is the functionality around the “refresh production order” and stop that getting the latest version, for your configured items, and get the version “red”,“blue”, or “black” as specified.

In any instance, before I get shot down in flames for posting a modification suggestion, on an internet forum, I would recommend getting it documented and walking the processes through with the customer/partner before you do anything else :slight_smile: