Item ledger entries for Consumption

Hello All,

One of my customer reported this to me and I also processed below in NAV myself.

Item A - Manufacturing item

Item B - Production BOM component with default qty per 10

Item C - Production BOM component. with default qty per 10

When posting the consumption of the BOM components from production journal by increasing the original consumption quantity of Item B to 15 the system creates the two separate item ledger entries. 1) for the original qty per defined as per Prod. BOM and 2) for the difference between the original quantity and the actual consumption quantity entered on the consumption journal.

The client wants NAV to post only single entry regardless of the change in the consumption quantity.

Is this the standard NAV or can this be controlled by some setup field?

I would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this or if someone has and experience dealing with this before.

Thank you so much.

the consumption entries are posted based on the item application entries, i.e in example mentioned, the system used 10 from one incoming transaction and then the rest from anpother incomining transaction for the item. system will look for open item ledger entries while doing consumption and the if the first transaction found fillfills it requirement then the consumption will be posted as single consumtion entry on the item ledger, if not, then it will look for the next open item ledger entry and so on.


Hi Rajib,

I am researching the same issue but the results that I see is not consisitent with your explaination. The RM has costing method to FIFO. I only had 1 inbound entry for that location with a large quantity. When I did the production consumption it still recorded 2 lines even though they are applied to the item ledger entry. Any ideas?