Item Tracking and "get receipt" where multiple receipts ERROR

Navision Attain 3.10.A
Item Tracking and “get receipt” where multiple receipts problem;

An item tracking purchase line for a quantity of 13 has been received in 2 parts, qty 1 x receipt A and qty 12 receipt B

When I try and invoice the lines using the “Get receipt Lines” function, all seems OK in the Invoice but I get an error on posting;
“The Purch. Inv. Tracking Line already exists”, “Document No. xxxxx, Item Tracking No. xxxx, Line No. xxxxx”

Looking at the Line/Item tracking lines from either line shows 13 tracking lines.

My question is this; is this normal for this version?
Is it possible to use “get receipt lines” for multiple receipts where tracking is used?

If not, how do you get over the problem?

Hi Colin,

This seems to be a standard bug in NAV 3.10A. But this problem seems to be fixed in 3.60A. I have no errors in version 3.60A.

You options are now to split the lines in Purchase Order when partial receipts are made, OR take the more risky move of checking what changes were made in 3.60A and see if it is possible to implemented them in 3.10A. If your transactions are low, I would rather stick with the first solution.

It is unlikely that the first solution would work for this client so I will look into the second.

Can you confirm if the 3.60A Item ledger Entry table has the Serial No. and Lot No. fields? I know 3.70 does and that is about when it was changed to have an individual ILE for each SN or Lot, presumably to get over this and other problems.

Hi Colin,

Lot no. and serial no. is in the item ledger entry table in 3.60A. I think fixing this problem would require patching up the data as well. As the table structure is different between 3.10 and 3.60.


Thanks Jordi,

I will leave well alone and wait for the upgrade.