Where does NAV store the column captions of tables in i.e. German language


when you open up a table in Classic Client and you happen to use a langauge different from english, the classic client shows column captions i.e. in German langauge.

Where does NAV store these column captions? Is there a way to export all english and german column captions for all tables?


What do you mean with “open up a table”? From the Object Designer do you open it

  • In design mode?
  • Or by clicking Run?

Hi Luc,

there are german column names in either mode

  • In design mode you can access the german caption via the column properties (Shift+F4)
  • In Run mode the captions of the coumns are in german

I’d like to know where the german translation is being stored - maybe inside the database itself.

Think of a sample usage:
I want to create a list of all tables and columns within each table. The list shows the englisch table and column names as well as their german equivalents.

How can I create such a list?


Any language caption is stored in the CaptionML property of the object (Table, Form, Report, etc.), field (on tables) or control (on forms, reports and pages). So it is inside each C/SIDE object;and yes, that’s inside the database.

If you want to export captions you need to select all relevant objects in Object Designer and than select Tools > Translate > Export (note that I have ENU selected als application language uder Tools > Language). This export contains all translatable strings that are to be found in the objects you had selected. Read some more about the format of that export here.

All C/SIDE objects are stored in the Object table (2000000001). So you might build a form/page based on that. I t contains a field called caption which will show the value of the caption for the language that is active in your client.


thank you for your help. I suppose that you need a developers license to access the Tools >Translate >Export command, don’t you?
The commands Import and Export are greyed out. Also, this table 2000000001 is not available from within the classic client.
Is there anything I need to do prior to access the Export command?

On database level (SQL Server) I can see the Object xxx tables. They contain blob fields which I can not interprete, I am affraid.

Regards, Sascha


It’s a system table which is not shown in the Object Designer, but you can build a form/page based on it as when defining a form/page you can enter 2000000001 in the SourceTable property or in the Table field of the New Form/Page wizard.