Translated Table Names

I have a customer who has a NAV 4 database (i’m not sure if it has been upgraded) which has german table names (E.g. the [Object] table is called [Objekt]).

Is this normal? Is there some way to convert all the table names to english?

My first reaction is: probably this is a 2.xx version database that has been technically upgraded to 4.xx.

Some questions:

  • which objects (table, form, etc.) do have a German names? In other words: does this apply to all objects or only some?
  • what about field names, from controls, …?
  • have you ever used the ‘translate export’ functionality of NAV? I.e. on object designer choose Tools > Translate > Export

There is a way to get it done, but please first answer my questions.

I have passed on your questions because i’m working on limited information myself.

I the mean time i will calify my problem.

I have a 3rd party tool doesn’t work because it uses the english table names. So its not that i can’t read german and need translations, but that software needs to rely on the table names being in english. So the language of forms don’t matter, and exporting translations won’t help, it’s jsut about the SQL table names.

Thanks for your help

Well I actually did not mean to export them but was just refering to this feature. I was actually thinking of importing translations, by:

  1. take the orginal country database of the database you are working on
  2. export the UI strings (including Name and Caption strings), using the translate export
  3. import these UI strings into the database you reported the issue for

BTW: In language are the table names showing in the object designer?

I am not sure steps 1, 2, and 3 above will work, i.e. that by importing these string it will update the SQL table names. You might try on a test version of the database.


If that does not work this might work (but again: not sure):

  • after having succesfully executed step 1, 2, and 3 above run a NAV backup (so using a NAV client)
  • then restore the backup in a new (SQL) database

I assume that when the table names (in object designer) are in English a restore will create SQL table with English names.

Thanks alot. I will pass this on