translate data

Hi all, I know that Navision supports multi language functionality. But the problem is that i want to translate the data which is in English into German. Is the translate option under tools menu is the option.? If it is …then i dont know how to use it… Thanks

Do you want to tranlate data (in the records) or the application itself? Please let us know. Translate ist not a big assue as long as you can tell us the language code you want to use (e.g. EUN (English United States) = 1033, DEU (German) = 1031)

As I understand, Michael tries to have the data for example of an item with no. ‘12’ ‘big pack’ translated into German ‘12’ ‘Grosse Packung’? For this you have to setup the translations for each single data set. But even then you have to take care of most of the reports yourself. The application language can be changed with ‘Tools - Language’, but your client has to be prepared for the languages you want to display and the translations have to be in Navision. For this you use the Tools - Translate - Export and later on Import, after you have done the translations. It is a bigger job to have your application completely in a different language…