Convert english to other Language in report

Hi All,

I’m New in Navision. I woud like to know how to convert language in report and write it in C/AL coding?

I’m Using MS Navision version 5.


I have a total amount as numeric 1500. How i convert it to other language like English language “one thoushand five hundred” or chinese word "一千五百?

appreciate it who can help.

Hi cyloh,

This question is already posted to forum. Please check before posting.

BTW, check the below thread and use the functions as described there :

Use the currency code in which you want to convert.

This should help you.

hi Bheem Singh,

thanks for your reply. unfortunately I don’t have report 1401 permission to entry design mode check the coding.

could you provide whole coding in the report 1401 to me from here?

Somemore, I don’t want just display in field. I would like display and separate in different text box in report.


if the amount is 1520, first text box will show " one thousand" as the 1st text box assign it for put “thousand” figure.

Then the second text box is assign for “hundred” figure, so it will show " five hundred"

third text box assign “ten” figure and will show “twenty”

fourth text box (which is last text box) will show “zero”.

Can you guide for me about this? if my question not clear, please talk to me again.

appreciate your help.

my navision is version 5.

Hi all,

no body can answer or guide me? please someone of expert give a guide line.

Hi Cyloh,

I think you should contact your partner for this.