Lost CaptionML

I have a little problem with the object designer. I am using the Spanish version of Attain 3.60, so languages availables are ENU and ESP. If I open a table in the designer and type a description for a field I loose the CaptionML of my local language (ESP). This only happens if I type de description in the first screen of the table designer. If I type it in the properties windows it is OK. Does anybody have this problem? Thanks in advance. Jesús Soage

When you type a new description for a field on the first screen what’s doing it’s changing the property name, so the captions are updated to be the same as the name you’re setting for that field (it will do the same if you change it through properties). When you go to the properties window what you’re changing is the Caption property, that’s just setting the caption for the current language you’re using, so it’s not removing the other captionsML for the other languages. It’s not a problem… call it feature :slight_smile: Regards,

Ok, I know that a lot of us enjoy programming in our spare time, but to post this in the “BREAK SPACE” fora is not what it was intended for. Please post in appropiate fora. Jesus with 40 posts already you should know how things work now. Topic moved to “Navision Developer forum”.

Alfonso, I think you are talking about the Field Name property. I am talking about the Description property that has nothing to do with the Caption, it is just a comment about the field.

Hi Jesus I just tried it with our language (German / ENU). The behaviour is the same as you explained. Strange. Solution: Don’t use the description property [:(]. bye André

Ups… sorry, Jesus, you’re right… when i saw your previous message about description i was not having either navision open and i though you were refering to the field name :slight_smile: the same it’s happening also on 3.10 (ENU/FRA)… Well… i tried something and it worked… but i don’t think it will be the best solution at all… Install a third language (in my case i used KOR (no… i don’t speak Korean at all)) and on tools choose that third language, then change the descriptions… the captions, as you’re not using that language captions, won’t change. Regards,

Hi Navision - help:


Use this property to include an optional description of the table, field, form, report or control. This description is for internal purposes only and does not appear to the end user.

Does somebody know to what (Navision) - internal purposes Description is for?


Originally posted by apertierra
… Install a third language (in my case i used KOR …

[:D] Suaheli would be also a good suggestion!


… the captions, as you’re not using that language captions, won’t change. …

Navision is an international product. You shouldn’t use only one or two languages [;)]. bye André

Similair strange “feature”: Try to copy and paste a field from one tabele to another table (in designe mode) Everything is copied except the CaptionML of the default (working) language. :frowning: