Very misterious Form

Hi All, i’ve created a very strange thinng. Ich had to put two new textboxes into form No. 30 and to change the order of the other textboxes and labels. As designtime i changed the width of the form in order to put there some textboxes temporary. During the changes i compiled and run the form to see the result. After all textboxes are placed in the new order i changed the width to the original one. After compiling and running everything works fine. But when i open the form to design it the width is changed automatically to a bigger one. When i change the width with the mouse i can see some rests of two textboxes. They are only shown during changing the width. I cannot klick them. When the width is changed to original one and i compile everything is ok. The strange behaviour happens only when i open the form with the designer. I can’t create this behaviour with another Form. Very misterious!!! I’m working with NF 2.0. Has anyone made the same experience or is this a bug? Is there anythig i can do? It’s troublesome to change the width everytime i had to change this form. Greeting, Frank

That’s a known problem which happenes every couple of years You have two possibilities to solve this problem: 1) In Object designer you can press TAB repeatedly until you reach the TextBoxes in question and delete them. 2) You export Form 30 as TXT, edit it with Notepad and delete the appropriate lines in there, save, re-import and compile ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Try selecting and Cutting the Tab Control to the clip board and you should find your two controls under there. You added them to the form under the Tab control. Delete them and paste back your Tab Control David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

Thanks for your answers Marcus and David, I deleted them by finding them pressing tab repeatly. Greetings, Frank