Design of Form layout problem (Form designer)

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, so please let me know if I am posting in the proper area or not…

I am new to designing in Nav (Dynamics NAV 2009 classic) but I have tried to change the layout of our sales order form, as there are many fields which we do not use, and therefore have moved away from the “General” form. This works great. I have set up the fields as we wish, but unfortunately I have moved one field so far to the right in the form designer, that I cannot grab it with my mouse anymore!! I have tried everything.

When I look at the form, in the Form designer mode, all looks fine. All fields are lined up. I can click and drag all fields and controls around as I please, except for the one field, which I cannot touch. When I leave design mode again, and compile the form, I can see that this one field which I cannot move in design mode is located all the way to the right of the form!

What do I do?

Help would be greatly appreciated, as I am sure I am doing something simple wrong!

Bonus info: The field in question is the “Customer Attention” field. I have sized it down, so it will fit within my window boundaries.

Final bonus info: When i look at our order form, I can see the “Customer attention” field far out to the right, but if I click anywhere on the sales order, the field desapears, as if it is moved behind the sales order form.

I hope it makes sense, and look forward to a cleaver answer! :slight_smile:

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  1. Export the object to text.

  2. Open in text editor (Notepad etc.)

  3. Locate the problem field.

  4. Change the XPOS and YPOS to relocate the field (textbox)

  5. Import and compile the form.

  6. Return to object desiner to complete your changes

Mr. Babrown,

Thank you very much!! I didn’t even know it was possible to export/import forms, yet along edit them in Text editor! :slight_smile: But it worked out great, so all is good now!

Again thanks for the quick response!