Frame on Form Problem

I have created a form and used a two frames to group different controls together. At some point during the designing, one of the frame became uneditable. You cannot focus on the frame or the controls in the design mode to view the properties, nor can the controls be used when the form is run. Has anyone come across this before?

Yes, it’s a feature :wink: Export your form in text format, delete your control(s) from there, save and re-import the object.

You can select the frame? Then it lies “on top” of the other controls. Solution: Select the frame, then menu Format, Send to Back. Now select the controls that should be inside the frame, cut these, select the frame again and paste the controls. Now the frame has become the container for the other controls. Another way of accessing “hidden” controls is to Tab until these are selected. In the properties you can set the Parent control ID, which gives the same effect. John

Ahhh… so THAT’s the advantage to the Microsoft partnership: Undocumented features! As it turns out, when fiddling with the layout, if one frame is moved and touches another frame, the first has the InFrame property changed to “Yes”. (It WAS by tabbing that I was able to get to the frame in order to look at the properties.) Thanks for the help. Thank God it’s Friday. Good weekend all, Rick I think, therefore you’re not… ------------------------------- Rick Acton High-Tech Consulting Services 301-662-0732 Edited by - goofyfish on 2001 Jul 13 22:43:30

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